This week in Shale room….

This week in Shale room….

Enjoying the Last Bit of Summer

Crazy to think we are already done the second week of August and summer is coming to an end, but in Shale we are still staying very busy with fun activities. Even though this week was a short one, we had a blast and shared lots of laughs which we captured in photos to share with our families through learning stories in the children’s binder. Capturing these moments are important not just to share a child’s new achievement or displaying a child’s developmental growth, but also in terms of giving the educators the ability to build off it. Asking ourselves how can I support this new skill or how can I challenge this skill while supporting their development, why is this an interest, what about it is making a connection with the child. Learning stories allow educators to showcase a child’s growth and share a proud moment to parents and other educators. It opens a door for communication between the families and educators to continue collaboration efforts down the road.

During this short week we had lots going on each day, from water splashing to painting to working on our throwing arm. Short weeks can feel rushed; so much to do with such little time and that was the fact in Shale. We did so many fun experiences that before we knew it, it was Friday! With a lower number of children in the room, we had the opportunity to bring in some items that would allow children to really get into some serious play exploration. We added foamed expansion blocks, a few beach balls, and new food to our dramatic play corner. The expansion blocks could be easily rotated to create a long line or shifted to create a circle to sit inside. Theo really enjoyed manipulating the conjoined blocks into a circle and sitting inside it. Lilia and Liliana used them to stand on in order to reach the top of the fish tank. A simple manipulative structure was used in such a multitude of ways which fostered each child’s creative thinking.  Vi brought in a few new beach balls for the outdoor play yard for everyone to play with but our Shale friends were not ready to give them up just yet, we loved to throw, kick, and bounce the balls off tables and sometimes a friends head. Luckily the beach balls are very soft and light and with each bounce, it would result in a big roaring laugh.  Receiving new wooden food for the dramatic area led to our future chef Theo cooking up a storm. His first delicacy he chose to cook for everyone was the ever so delicious steak.

Lastly, this week we also received a special box from Jasper educator Marly and her son Liam. Liam put a box together of old books he was ready to donate. Marly opened the box on the floor for us to explore and explore we did. Every book was taken out by Liliana, Lilia, Sonya and Andrew. They would sit down with a book and look through it before placing it down and grabbing another one. We are very thankful for the new books that were donated to not only Shale room but to Primrose.

Cassi is away and Vi will be stepping in to help us out in Shale room for the next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the hot summer weather. See you on Monday!

-Emily, Young, Cassi, Vi