This week in Quartz room…..

This week in Quartz room…..

“Children learn to express, represent, and interpret their feelings, ideas, and questions through speaking, listening, reading, writing, dancing, singing, drawing, moving, and constructing. They learn these wide ranging liberate practices through their interactions with others and within particular social and cultural contexts.”- PPP. Pg. 104

Over these last couple of weeks, we have been observing and discussing the different ways in which the children communicate with one another, educators, and the world around them. One form of communication that has stood out most to us this past week was singing. It all started when we brought in the story “How to catch a star” by Oliver Jeffers. Felix took the story over to the quiet corner and started singing twinkle twinkle little star while flipping through all the pages, slowly but surely soon more and more children came over to join him and sing along. This exceptional moment happened without any teacher guidance, the children bonded over this familiar song and encouraged one another to sit down and join in the singing festivities. It has now become a morning routine in the classroom, someone grabs the story and the song begins. Another tune you have probably been hearing regularly in our room are the songs from the musical “Sound of Music”. One day the song “My Favorite Things” started to play and Ava started singing along to every word! Later on after conversations with her mom we found out that she knows all the songs to the movie, we now get many requests to play doe a deer from the children. It’s amazing when we get to share our “favourite things” with one another. I think another great moment that helps you reflect on how important songs and singing are to children is when a parent comes and says to you “my child has been asking me to sing this song but I don’t know what it is, do you sing it in the room?” This is a great way to connect the child’s home life to their day care life, it starts up a wonderful conversation about what songs they sing to their child and helps us expand our knowledge of each of the children.

We are also welcoming our new educator, Majeet , to our room. We cannot wait to learn and explore alongside her. This means that Kerry will be transitioning out of Quartz room to become an Enhancement Educator and will be present throughout all the rooms in the Centre 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone

Kerry, Carlei, Kailtlin, Manjeet