This week in Jasper room….

This week in Jasper room….

This week we continued our exploration into the idea of transformations. We began a process of changing and building our dramatic play space into a more home-like atmosphere; real (yet safe) appliances, dishes, authentic food – the sky is the limit for us!  The children are very much enjoying this transformation, and we look forward to many fancy dinners and birthday parties to come!  With so many changes already happening and the new changes that are sure to happen in September, we are preparing to explore transformation and change well into the future.

We also started our exploration into colour and its properties. The children asked to create a big art project based on our colour-smell conversation.  We are going to work our way through the rainbow and transform blank and white canvases into our own personal 3D creations using items from the daycare… AND with help from home!  We ask that you help your child find one object of each colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink) to contribute to our project.  We will be gluing them onto canvases, so please make sure it is an item you are okay with not being returned.  Examples of items include:  beads, bottle lids, Lego, feathers, pompoms, buttons, flowers, pipe cleaners, puzzle pieces, springs, sequins, etc.

“Through play, children invent symbols to explore relations of power, truth, and beauty as they move between the world as it is and the worlds they create. In these possible worlds, children have the liberty to push the boundaries and explore who they are as members of communities engaged with age old issues such as good and evil. Learning to be imaginative and creative requires open and flexible environments, rich in materials and role models that reflect the cultural life of their communities—the songs, crafts, languages and artifacts.

–taken from Play, Participation, and Possibilities: An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta by Makovichuk, L., Hewes, J., Lirette, P., & Thomas, N. Based on the work found at

Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂

Marly & Sam