Child Care Program

This program is open for children aged 12 months to 6 years. Children are separated into 4 classrooms. The ages may vary. We accept children of all abilities! We believe every child is a MIGHTY LEARNER!
Room Age Group Spaces Caregivers
Shale Room 12 to 18 months 16 4 (1:4 ratio)
Quartz Room 19 months to 30 months 18 3 (1:6 ratio)
Sandstone Room 31 months to 48 months 18 3 (1:6 ratio)
Jasper Room 4 to 6 years 16 2 (1:8 ratio)

Child Care Fees

Age Group Amount Subsidy Rate Fee Schedule
12 to 18 Months $1238.00 $644.00 Full time 5 days
19 to 36 months $1075.00 $486.00 Full time 5 days
37 months plus $104500 $459.00 Full time 5 days

The above posted fees will be effective as of January 1, 2018

Parent Handbook

Alberta Children Services

Alberta Licensing Officers visit our centre two or three times a year to evaluate the program and facility. The licensing reports are posted for all parents and staff to read. Our center continually exceeds the standards.

Alberta Child Care Accreditation Program

Our Centre has been accredited since 2005. Accreditation is a voluntary commitment by childcare agencies. It demonstrates how their program goes beyond basic requirements to meet higher standards of care in delivering childcare services.